Have I ever told you about the time I...

Hi I'm Nyssa

I'm a 24 year old dog trainer, RP enthusiast, sci-fi/fantasy geek, all around nerd. I'm named after an alien so I can't help it.
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Daisy won’t let me get up even though I’m hungry

Snuggle puddle

The squirrels are taunting her

"Hey mom, why aren’t you playing?"
Well it is because Daisy decided it was breakfast time. #dogsittingmissdaisy

Finally got a video of them running #dogsittingmissdaisy

There is a Daisy under there somewhere

Contrary to popular belief I can actually cook for myself I’d I have to

Finally got them to play together #dogsittingmissdaisy

Strawberries and yogurt for a morning snack. I’m never this healthy.

Can’t say I feel like that much anymore